40 Inch Aluminum Go Kart Axle

40 Inch Aluminum Go Kart Axle 180° Split Keyed


Your purchase is for a 40 Inch Aluminum Go Kart Axle 180° that you can use on your mini bike, too.  This axle is keyed, 3/4″ stepped, with 1-3/4″ threaded ends.  We also have this axle in 36″ length.


WE WELCOME YOUR PHONE CALLS WITH ANY QUESTIONS AT: 661-253-9000. We are a full line Go Kart, Mini Bike & Goped shop with a store front. We have items in stock for purchase at the counter, via this website and by phone. If you have questions and want to know if this is the right part for you, call us at 661-250-9000. We welcome conversation and want to be sure that you get exactly what you need.


We are also an AWARD WINNING RESTORATION HOUSE. We’re a small business that’s growing so we haven’t had as much time as we’d like, to upload the awards but we will in time. People send us their karts from all over the USA to have them restored and you can see a few of our restorations on the RESTORATIONS link near the top of our home page. We take what are usually rusted hulks and make them into beautiful, strong, fast, shiny, enviable works of art! Whether you want a restoration back to stock or something more specialized, we do it all.


Catkart Racing is your place for 40 Inch Aluminum Go Kart Axle 180° Split Keyed also for Mini Bike and for all the parts you need from steering wheels, throttle cable & rods, clutches, brakes, brake line, brake cable, shoes, rods, and many items, including 36″ aluminum AND steel axles, bearings, flangettes, tires, wheels, complete motors- and everything go kart & mini bike.  WE are EXPERTS in the go kart and minibike industry.  CALL US for questions and advice. 661-253-9000

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Additional Information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 42 x 4 x 4 in