The MERLIN MINI 950 CADET KART is the original Merlin Cadet chassis. The chassis is built of 28mm Chromoly and meets international cadet regulations. The focus with the frame design is to utilized supplied components such as a Tillett seat and Douglas SE Magnesium wheels to avoid several required “upgrades” for optimum performance.




Frame Tube Size: 28mm
Wheelbase: 950mm
Spindle Size: 17mm
Axle: 30mm
Front Width: 590mm
Rear Width: 555mm
Length: 1740mm (with Bodywork)
Front Hub: Aluminum
Rear Hub: 37mm
Front Wheels: 130mm Douglas SE Magnesium Wheels
Rear Wheels: 130mm Douglas SE Magnesium Wheels
Brakes: Merlin; Ventilated Floating Disk (150mm)
Seat: Tillett Hand-Laid
Steering Wheel: 320mm Merlin
Bodywork: Merlin MINI with Full Width Rear Bumper


WE WELCOME YOUR PHONE CALLS WITH ANY QUESTIONS AT: 661-253-9000 about the The MERLIN MINI 980 CADET KART CHASSIS and any other products we sell. We are a full line Go Kart, Mini Bike & Goped shop with a store front. We have items in stock for purchase at the counter, via this website and by phone. If you have questions and want to know if this is the right item or part for you, call us at 661-250-9000. We welcome conversation and want to be sure that you get exactly what you need.


We are also an AWARD WINNING RESTORATION HOUSE. We’re a small business that’s growing so we haven’t had as much time as we’d like, to upload the awards but we will in time. People send us their karts from all over the USA to have them restored and you can see a few of our restorations on the RESTORATIONS link near the top of our home page. We take what are usually rusted hulks and make them into beautiful, strong, fast, shiny, enviable works of art! Whether you want a restoration back to stock or something more specialized, we do it all.


Catkart Racing is your place for MERLIN MINI 950 CADET KART CHASSIS as well as many other Merlin, VLR and vintage go kart models, including kits.  We carry many parts and accessories for new and vintage karts- including VLR Emerald,  Briggs LO206 motors, Standard Accessory Kit, other Briggs & Stratton accessory kits; The Merlin MR29 Go Kart Chassis, parts for 2 stroke and 4 stroke motors, vintage and new.  We carry many parts in stock and others, we can get to you very quickly, even if they are not on site.  We are also your place for the West Bend 820 motor as well as the 510, 580, 610 & 700 motors, parts & accessories. WE are EXPERTS in the go kart and minibike industry, vintage and new.  CALL US for questions and advice. 661-253-9000

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