T6 Aluminum 1 PC Black Axle Sprocket

T6 Aluminum 1 PC Black Axle Sprocket GO KART


This T6 Aluminum 1 PC Black Axle Sprocket for 219 chain is made of ultra hard, Anodized to Military Specs, aluminum which increases wear 25%.  Available in 74 to 83 tooth count, all for $16.95 each.


WE WELCOME YOUR PHONE CALLS WITH ANY QUESTIONS AT: 661-253-9000.  We are a full line Go Kart, Mini Bike & Goped shop with a store front. We have items in stock for purchase at the counter, via this website and by phone. If you have questions and want to know if this is the right part for you, call us at 661-250-9000. We welcome conversation and want to be sure that you get exactly what you need.


#1035 74 Tooth

#1039 75 Tooth

#1043 76 Tooth

#1047 77 Tooth

#1051 78 Tooth

#1055 79 Tooth

#1059 80 Tooth

#1063 81 Tooth

#1067 82 Tooth

#1071 83 Tooth



We are also an AWARD WINNING RESTORATION HOUSE.  Customers send us their karts from all over the USA to have them restored and you can see a few of our restorations on the RESTORATIONS link near the top of our home page. We take what are usually rusted hulks and make them into beautiful, strong, fast, shiny, enviable works of art! Whether you want a restoration back to stock or something more specialized, we do it all.


Catkart Racing is your place for theThis T6 Aluminum 1 PC Black Axle Sprocket for 219 chain as well as many, MANY parts for the new race karts like Merlin & VLR as well as many parts for vintage West Bend Power Bee Engine.  We have many West Bend 820 parts in stock as well as parts for the 510, 580, 700 and 610.  In fact, we are one of the few shops that has parts for the 510 & 580 engines.  We sell Merlin and VLR chassis of many different kinds so check out those on the website. 


Catkart Racing is also now sponsoring a modern race team featuring the Merlin & the VLR Emerald karts as well as the Briggs & Stratton LO206 Animal 4 stroke motors and accessories.  Check us out on Facebook and Youtube.  And WE WELCOME PHONE CALLS to answer your questions.  We have a storefront at the address at the top of the page so call us or come by and see us.  And of course, we ship all over the USA and many international destinations.

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Additional Information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 2 in
Tooth Count

1035: 74, 1039: 75, 1043: 76, 1047: 77, 1051: 78, 1055: 79, 1059: 80, 1063: 81, 1067: 82, 1071: 83,